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About Hotel Casa Antigua

This hotel was formerly a 10 room hotel by the name of “Hotel Museo Uxlabil”. We acquired the property in Sept 2009 and remodeled all of those hotel rooms & also remodeled the adjacent property which were small apartments. This created a total of 22 spacious rooms, three large gardens, a rooftop terrace and many seating areas in the spacious hotel corridors. Since our Hotel is a historical property, you will find many beautiful, one of a kind antiques and elegant items throughout the hotel rooms and corridors. We have a bed made for King Mosquitia of Nicaragua in the 1800’s. In another hotel room one of the original chandeliers of the Cathedral. In another room you will see a bed owned by Dona Elvira, previously a governor. Still in another room, a bed that was once in a house of Antigua’s patron saint “Hermano Pedro”.

In our hotel you will find three gorgeous tropical gardens filled with flowers and trees. There are many quiet seating areas in the hotel gardens and in the spacious corridors. In this historic hotel you may find yourself sitting on an exquisite antique bench or staring at a 200 year old painting amazed at the detail. All of our hotel gardens have working fountains. You will feel truly relaxed listening to the water trickling and watching the hummingbirds dance around the flowers. In this atmosphere you could forget that you were here to explore the city of Antigua Guatemala!

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